It’s my Anniversary!!!

Today is my anniversary……I have been married for 6 years (to a great man I might add :0))!!! And throughout it all, I have learned a lot. If I told you that our marriage has been “peachy” 100 % of the time I wouldnt be telling you the truth. We’ve had our rough spots (especially our first year) and when we were going through those times mentally, I was packing my bags (lol, I couldn’t have been the only one right???).
But in my heart I pondered on the moment that I knew that my hubby was my God given hubby. 
So even when I wanted to throw in the towel the Holy Spirit always took me back to that moment at the altar when I knew God spoke to my heart that the very man I’m kneeling in prayer with was the very man that was hand picked especially for me by my DaddyGod……
So here are six lessons I’ve learned through marriage…enjoy!

1. Wholeness can only come from God through Jesus.
I thought that getting married would give me the sense of wholeness I always felt I was missing. I learned that I received that wholeness when I received Jesus and I experienced/lived in that wholeness once I gave my all to God and sought Him wholeheartedly.

2.  Communication is essential.
Holding all over your issues inside doesn’t help anyone. Eventually they will come out an most likely it will be the wrong time and in the wrong attitude (trust me I know!). Talk things out in a respectable manner. Even if you have to write it down and practice in the mirror!

3.  Have a vision for yourself and your marriage.
This is a must! Even before you get married talk to your mate about what you, and more importantly God,want your union to represent. Go into prayer and ask God to give you a vision and a family mission for your marriage.

4.  Don’t dwell on what your mate did wrong, think on your  response.
It’s easy to constantly think on what the other person said or did wrong but what about your response? Everytime my husband and I got into a disagreement the Holy Spirit never corrected me about what my husband did or said, it was always about my response.  The only person that you can change or control is you…….

5.  Be the change that you want in your relationship.
Whatever you want to be better, BE that change. If it’s better communication, talk openly, honestly, and in love.  If it’s romance, be romantic.  Whatever it is….Just BE!!!

6. Do all things in love.
Everything has to be done in love and w/the right atitude. If not resentment will set in and you’ll keep in running tab,mentally, on all of your “deeds”.

I hope that at least one of these steps inspire someone in their marriage today! Miracles&Blessings!


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