Women…….How’s Your Prayer Life?!?!

Yesterday church was amazing! I don’t remember too much about praise and worship and honestly everything leading up to the Word was a blur…..
What I do remember was awesome. It was about women and prayer. My Pastor talked about how we as women can’t be so busy with our family, school, work, or whatever it is that takes us a lot of our time, to pray.
Relationship with God is our foundation. What type of relationship do you have w/someone that you rarely talk too or when you do talk to them, your conversation is rushed and lacks your full attention? Strained, uneventful, nonexistent-my point exactly!
I implore you as women (and myself too) to take time to pray.  If it means getting up an hour earlier before the kids and everyone else (all I can say to this is Amen and…..ouch:0)), let’s sacrifice the time to cover ourselves, families, communities, friends, daily activities in prayer. Our Father longs to hear from us……..are you up for the challenge? I am!


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