Am I Blooming Where I Am????

Last night I wasup late after everyone else went to bed. My initial plan was to pray. I had my prayer journal, my names, and I thought I was ready to go!!!
Well…….that’s not quite how it all worked out!!  I sat down and before I could started….I started asking God some questions. I must admit this wasn’t the usual, mid tempo prayer. I had some tough questions….some why’s, why is this happening, and what are the underlying problems?
I didn’t really know what I expected the Holy Spirit to say….but what He said I wasn’t expecting….. “Bloom Where You Are”……..
After hearing this, I just sat for awhile.  I came to God to pray for others. I thought that He would tell me how to help or specifically what to pray. But instead I got directions for me. 
That one phrase “Bloom Where You Are” has been on my mind all morning and I believe that I have a better understanding…..get better and be excellent where I am right now, at this very moment.  For me, excellence is doing my best ,being my best and pleasing God in whatever it is I’m doing. Whether its being a wife/mother, cleaning, cooking, serving in the children’s ministry, or encouraging and following up w/women at church……doing it w/a cheerful heart, thoroughly, prayerfully, and to the best of my supernatural ability.
Its time for me to do my very best in every area of my life so that God’s glory can be seen……..I’m planning to bloom where I am…how about you????


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