What Are You Doing With Your Gifts???

I was just reading the parable in Matthew 25 about the talents and it got me to thinking…….Am I  investing in the talents that God has given me like the first two servants or am I burying them in the sand like the last servant??
The landowner returned and told the first two servants that he was pleased with them (I’m paraphrasing :0))and since they put their talents to good use and multiplied them, he could trust them with more.
But it didn’t go so well with the last servant……..he buried his talent out of fear b/c he thought the landowner was a harsh man. This excuse didn’t go over to well with the landowner.  He called him “wicked and lazy” (read Matthew 25 for the full details!).
So my question to you is are using the gifts/talents that God has blessed you with? Are you investing in yourself/talent so that God can be gloried through you???? If so great, I applaud you being a blessing for The Kingdom!
If not, why? What’s holding you back from being the best you ever? Whatever it is, I challenge you today to change your thinking, speaking, and actions so that God can invest even more in you!!!


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