>Are You INSANE?!

>Well, I just watched one of my favorite reality shows “Ruby” and I must say, it left me thinking! While she was in a counseling session, Ruby was telling her therapist that she felt like she had hit a plateau in her weight loss goals. Her counselor asked her what she was doing and had she tried anything different? Ruby told her counselor her routine and told her no that she hadn’t been doing anything different.(Well-here comes the light bulb moment for me!) Her counselor then proceeded to ask her if she knew what insanity was? The definition was “to do the same thing over and over and over again, and expect different results”. Hmmmmmm…….I had to ask myself, “Am I insane?” By regular terms I would have to say no. I’m not acting irrationally or putting myself or others in harms way, so I must be pretty sane right? Not!!!!!Yeah, by physical terms, I might not be insane. But in everyday life, yeah-the description fits perfectly.
For example, If I want to get certain things done within 24 hours, then I need to write them down on a to-do list right? Right! But if I constantly keep a “mental” to-do list and as soon as I lay my head on the pillow remember at least 2 things that I didn’t get accomplished within the day and repeat this same gesture over and over-is that insanity? Yes, my dear friends……that fits the description perfectly!So, what can be done for me to go from insanity to sanity? According to Ruby’s therapist “Do something different”! And to be a little more in depth, she said to do 5 things different everyday. For me, my sanity will start by me making to-do list and adding to it, if need be, daily. Sanity starts with changing some things in our daily lives that could just possibly end with a new accomplishment. So, what can you do to be a little more “sane” today? Miracles and Blessings


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