How’s Your LOVE life?!

Today the one word that is in my head is “intimacy”. I was reading an awesome book last night and one of the things that really stuck with me was about as a woman, in order to have a balanced life as a wife and mother, I have to have an intimate, loving relationship with God. Then a few hours later, my husband was telling me about the book that he is reading and in his description what I heard the loudest was that one of the main characters in the book referred to God as “Papa” because that was just how close her relationship is with our Creator.
This made me think, how intimate is my relationship with God? Yeah I talk to Him everyday but to be completely honest, it has been a little bit of a “touch and go” type of deal. When I think about intimacy, I think about a relationship where a person cant help but talk to the other person because they are always on their mind and if they aren’t talking to them they are thinking about them, telling someone else about your love interest, and just doing all that you can to learn more about the person who is at the center of your thoughts.
Yes I can say that I am inspired to be more “intimate” with God. I have to take the time to cultivate my relationship more and my first step will be spending more time with my first Love…………….
Miracles and Blessings….


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