>HELP-It’s Not a Bad Four Letter Word!!!

>So—this has been a very interesting week! On Wednesday morning, I got up, did my normal routine, and all of a sudden I wasn’t feeling too good. I was weak, nauseous, and dizzy-all at once!!! So, I tried my best to take it easy for the most part of the day. But anyone who knows me knows that sometimes instead of asking for help or telling someone that I need something, I just keep going and going and going……….
So, by 6pm I was totally exhausted….from doing close to absolutely nothing!!! I must say that I was relieved when my husband came home and took the kids to church with him. As he was walking out of the door he gave me very clear instructions “lay down and get some rest”.
So that is exactly what I did. I laid down and believe it or not, I couldn’t get back up. Not because I was sleeping so well but because I didn’t have the energy to do so!
By Thursday morning, I was feeling 100 times worse!! Every time I turned over in the bed I felt as if my head was spinning round and round non-stop! So, seeing that the situation hadn’t gotten any better, my husband made arrangements for babysitting and off we went to the emergency room.
After everything was said and done, the diagnosis was that I had a viral infection. The doctor said that since I hadn’t gotten any treatment for it or slowed down, the virus got worse and had taken its toll on my vertebrae-which caused the dizziness.
So, the main question that I had to ask myself is “Why is it so hard for me to ask for or to accept help?” there have been many times that I have gotten really busy and people close to me would ask me what they could do to help or they would tell me to take a little time for myself. But did I listen? Obviously not! My time of help and rest came when there were no other alternatives and my body said “Hey, since you won’t slow down on your own, I’m going to put up a fight so that you wont have any other choice!”
So what have I learned from this experience? I have learned a lot!! First off I learned that I have to listen to my body!! It is not a bad thing for me take a rest! So, I am going to start incorporating “ME Time”. Whether it be at the local coffee shop or at the gym-I’m going to make it happen! Secondly, ask for and acccept help! Help is not a bad four letter word! Just because I need it and accept it, doesnt make me incompitant or a bad mom-it makes me a wise woman!!! And lastly, and most importantly, have a prayerful attitude throughout my day! If I’m constantly in fellowship with my “daddy God” then I will hear the Holy Spirit directing my steps and my schedule! Remember, Help is a gift straight from heaven-Ask for it and Recieve it with thanksgiving!!!
Miracles and Blessings


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