Do Better, Be Better, Live Better

Well, as I sit watching an episode of “Oprah” about a busy stay-at-home wife/mother, I have to smile b/c I can totally relate!!! But I must say that I enjoy being a stay-at-home wife/mom. Even though it can be a draining and completely exhausting job, I can honestly say that I wouldnt want to do anything else!
Waking up in the morning to take care of my husband and kids is a great job to have! I must admit I am still working to be more organized and being more effective and productive with my time (I declare and decree that I will be a great daily list maker and goal achiever!!!). But overall, being able to be my kids number one teacher, encourager, and have the ability and the chance to improve on my preferred “profession” is a great gig to me! So, I now have a new daily affirmation “Do Bettter, Be Better, Live Better!” So instead of saying “I will try to do better tomorrow” , I’m saying “I will do better tomorrow and I’ll start by……..”.
Miracles and Blessings!


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