The Unconventional Life!

Ok, so today I was talking to a friend and when the conversation ended, I had to ask myself “Am I conventional”? To be totally honest, I really didnt know what conventional was-so I had to look it up. The definition of conventional is (according to ” conforming or adhering to accepted standards, as of conduct or taste; ordinary rather than different or original”.
After some pondering, and complete honestly, my answer would have to be yes…I used to be. I was conventional b/c I was fearful and I thought too much about what others would think of me if I did something that was considered “out of the ordinary”. I was conventional because just the very thought of starting something new and giving it my all seemed like too much work!!!
Please dont get me wrong- being conventional is not a bad thing…. as long as it is not keeping you from living your dreams out loud everyday.
I believe that we serve a God that is unconventional. Look at the earth, the different types of people, and just read about how He healed and blessed so many in His word! The God that we serve wasnt bound or conformed by anything/anybody on the earth, therefore I have no excuse! So as of this second I say goodbye to being bound and confomed by fear and the opinions of others…….and HELLO to living my dreams with boldness and joy!! I’m living unconventionally by taking the limitations off of God and me!!! Miracles and Blessings


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