2020…Do You Have a Word?

Can I admit that I could not think of a word for 2020 until a couple of days ago??? Yes, I have thought about it, tried to journal through it, and all the things but there was absolutely nothing coming to mind….

There are definitely things that I plan to improve on.  A list of things that I need to do has been sitting readily available in my planner, but I just could not think of one word that I could put my all into for this new year.

And then it came.  I was watching something and people were paying tribute to a great woman.  One of the words that stuck out to me was “IMPACT” (definition: can refer to a physical force, an influence or a strong effect).  Whoa….that one word carries so much weight but has so much love, humility and giving attached to it.

Impact…That is my word.  I want to have an impact, positive/godly of course, on those around me.  Not in an arrogant, look at me type of way. But in a wow, I can learn from her/I can do whatever because I’ve seen her do it too.  I want my life, the things that I am doing and have been through, to be an example of faith and not giving up to someone else.  If another mom can be encouraged because they see me not totally loosing it with my six littles, that’s impact.  If my children can see me loving their dad and tuck it in their heart as it being a part of what marriage looks like, that’s impact.  If one of the young moms I mentor can take to heart one of the conversations we have and it creates a spark in her to do something different; to see herself differently, that’s impact.

My word for 2020 is Impact…and doing what it takes to live my life as such, even in the midst of the mundane.

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