Growth in the Uncomfortable…

Last week I was talking to my moms (I facilitate programming for teen/young moms) about growing in the uncomfortable spots…I asked them about what theyve learned in some of the most difficult times in life.

Some said that they learned to love themselves. Some said they learned that they had to do what they didnt want for the betterment of their children. Some said they learned that they could accomplish way more than what others told them they could.

I have been thinking about this all week. How is my discomfort causing me to grow???

Motherhood…at the moment it is anything but comfortable. Having six children, just finishing up the adoption of our number 5, and dealing with two toddlers… whew chile!!!!

But I’m learning. I’m growing. I’m learning that I cant always do what I’ve always done. Dealing with the day to day with toddler who was exposed to drug use can be overwhelming. Therapy, the constant discipline, note taking, researching and just trying to sort through what is neuro and what’s just being a two year old is exhausting. Tantrums, hitting, not listening all together make for some long days.

But I’m growing. I’m seeing that I have to be not only a great parent but an informed and assertive advocate. My job is not only to love our #5 well but to also create an environment where he can thrive and learn in the way that best suited to his personality.

The growth is hard, the discomfort is constant but it’s worth it…

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