My Thoughts on the Stanford Rape Case…

A few days ago I read an article about a Stanford swimmer being sentenced to six months in county jail for the rape and assault on a young woman. Along with many others, I am completely outraged…however not surprised.

I’ve read the articles about how the judge said that he didnt want to ruin this young man’s life and how his father said that his son is paying for “2o minutes of action”.

Nowhere have I seen concern for the victim. I don’t care if she was drunk or not-no one deserves to be raped, assaulted and completely disregarded…this young lady’s life is forever changed. Not only was she raped and assaulted, according to the words, sentencing and actions of the judge, her rapist and his father-her hurt, pain and mental anguish don’t matter. Nowhere have I seen that this boy, yes I said boy, has taken responsibility for his actions or even shown an ounce of remorse. He said that he wants to educate others on binge drinking and promiscuity-ummm…the only thing that you are showing others is how entitlement, privilege and a complete disregard for others is displayed, and worked out for you, in 2016. His father said that his son doesn’t enjoy “eating rib eye steaks anymore”….what about the young woman who I’m sure doesn’t enjoy so many things since her unfortunate encounter with her life’s worst nightmare.

I read her victims impact statement and was brought to tears. To not only go through the hell that she has and not remember it, to be told that bc is was drunk, it doesn’t matter and her being violated isn’t that serious is heartbreaking. 

This man will spend three months in county jail while his victim has been sentenced to a lifetime of shame, torment and the realization that the person who violated her is of more concern than her wellbeing. 

I pray that this young lady is strengthened and healed emotionally, physically and mentally. I pray she never sees her self worth through the eyes of the sentencing judge, her perpetrator or his family. I pray that this life changing tragedy Serves as her motivation to speak out against rape and sexual assault all over the world. I pray that she that loves, trusts and has joy without fear. I pray that she positively impacts many and that all of her dreams come true…

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