Whatever You Can Do, Do

Earlier this week I saw an article  about a 15 year old girl in Florida having sex with at least 2 dozens boys in the school bathroom…it was video taped and shared on social media. 

My first thought was where is this young girl? What is going on with her for this to happen? Why did these boys think this was acceptable? And why in the name of all that is good would somebody put this on social media???

Well, at least a few of my questions were answered…this young girl had been a part of human trafficking for a few years. She was returned home to her mother and has recieved treatment but nothing specifically for sexual abuse.

Man…this makes my heart hurt. To think of how broken and distorted this young lady’s view of herself, sex and her worth have to be. I can’t even imagine the mental turmoil and pain that she must feel…or maybe even doesn’t feel because of all she’s been through. Maybe she just wanted to feel like someone cared for her…or thought she was beautiful even if for a second…or that maybe this time someone would like her in return.

I wish I haa a grandiose plan about how we could all together save the world and many other young girls like this but I don’t. All I have is the notion that if we take the the time to be better and treat everyone that crosses our path with love, respect and significance than just maybe we could inspire someone to be better, even if it’s just in passing. 

Maybe there’s someone who just needs to see you going about your day with peace and positivity to help them do the same.

If you can volunteer, volunteer.

If you can pray, pray.

If you can make a monetary donations, donate.

If you can cook a meal and give it away, cook and give.

If you can invite someone into your home, welcome them, love them and serve them, do so.

Whatever it is, on whatever level, do so in hopes of being better so that someone else can do the same…

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