Monday Motivation…

“Sometimes the only way to clear your mind is by cleansing your heart” -Me 

Ever had a person or situation on your mind constantly? I mean you’re thinking about a person day and night, replaying conversations, imagining what you would say if they said a certain thing…

Yes I’ve been there and honestly it sucks To be thinking of someone that you know is not thinking of you. And I had to come to the reality that things had changed and it was time for me to move on…

And here’s what it took: 

-Praying, talking out loud, journaling and admitting that I was hurt and putting a voice to every reason why

-Affirming that I don’t talk about, think about or dwell on past offenses and/or relationships

– Positively Redirecting thoughts and conversations that may come up about person/situation

Whatever the situation,or the person, that you need to move on from, I pray that you have the strength to start the process today. 

Move on. Affirm yourself. Be Great. Have Peace in the Process.


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