Things Change…

Ever seen that commercial where the guy says that he’ll never have kids, move to the burbs, or buy a mini van???

Yep, that dude should be my brother. 

I said I’d never get married-got married after courting my hubby for only five months.

I said I’d never have children-our crew includes four kiddies…I’m an overachiever bc we have a set of twins😂

Vowed that I’d be a successful warden in a women’s prison by time I was in my mid thirties-I’m thirty five years old and I’ve been our full-time “home manager” for the past nine years.

I said I’d never drive a van, a wagon or anything shaped like an egg-well…we just got a minivan last week, a had a Pacifica that is shaped somewhat like an egg and my hubby has a Magnum, which is classified as a wagon on our insurance😂😂😂

So as you can see, so many things have changed in my life over the past ten years. So many of the things I’ve never imagined have become my reality…and for that I’m thankful.

Things have changed and will continue to do so until the end of time…and I plan to keep evolving…growing…changing…     For the Better💕💕💕


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