What I Learned from Baby Enoch…

Last week a beautiful couple we know lost their baby. Baby Enoch’s funeral service was yesterday. It was so beautiful and heartbreaking all at one time.

Here’s what I learned from Baby Enoch’s life and death:

•It’s all a gift//Life. Experiences. New challenges. Abilities…they’re all gifts even if the ending is unexpected.

•Worship God in the Good times, Worship Him in the Bad times// The same God that we thank for the gifts in life, is the same God that we cry too to sustain us when life changes dramatically

•Our Most Vulnerable Moments can Inspire Others in Ways Unimaginable// Seeing this couple share their hearts, tears, joys and disappointments is something that I’ll never forget. Their faith, trust and complete reliance on God ushered many people closer into the arms of our God, including me.

•We Can Trust God with our Emotions// God created us and our emotions are no surprise to Him. We can tell Him we love Him. We can tell Him when we’re upset. We can even tell Him that we hate the outcome of a specific situation…His love for us won’t change. Our emotions won’t catch Him off guard. God will never leave us.

•Community is Everything// Being surrounded by people who authentically celebrate you at your best and support and love you at your worst is a game changer. To have Jesus’ love poured out through those who love Him gives strength to the wearist of souls.

To The Becks…my heart breaks for what your going through but my faith is strengthened by seeing you love God through it all❤️

Baby Enoch…rest peacefully knowing that your life means so much to so many, thank you❤️

Please consider helping The Beck Family with medical expenses by visiting http://www.noelleandtim.com


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