Just Be There…

The last couple of weeks have taught me that as people we go through so much…sometimes it’s hard to know how to help someone that’s in the midst of life th roughing it’s infamous curveball. It can be easier just to either avoid them or fumble over your words and end up saying something completely wrong.

I so wish that I was one of those people who always knew the right thing to say. Even though I love to write and express myself in written form, I’m a introvert. I’m a thinker. And I’m an observer. So rather than stutter and be in complete silence…I’m learning that sometimes it’s just best to be there. To be completely present. Ready to serve. Share a cup of coffee. Give a warm hug. Watch a movie together. Laugh together over great memories and old times. Take care of the small things that can get lost in the middle of hard situations. Cry  together. 

I don’t know if you’re going through something or someone close to you is…I just pray that you have someone to just be there and that you’re able to do the same…


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