Expectations…How Many of Us Have Them?

So today I had theeee most refreshing conversation w/a lady I just met a few weeks ago at church. We were supposed to be going out to lunch and a couple of hours before she called and asked me if we could reschedule for a couple of weeks. She said that she didn’t have the extra money to go out.

Honestly I had already planned on paying for lunch so to me it wasn’t a big deal and I told her so.

Her response was golden… “No, I want this to be a true adult relationship. I want to be a good friend, pay for my own lunch and we split the tip. I want to do this right. That’s why I’m calling to reschedule.”

I respect it!!!!! I respect the fact that she has boundaries and that she has expectations!! 

And this made me think…how many times have I went into situations w/people with no expectations? Not saying that all relationships/acquaintances deserve this type of thought but what about the ones that do? People I let into intimate areas of my life, home and family. Do they know what I am expecting from them? Do I  expect anything specific from them? 

Their honesty? Loyalty? Support? Respect? For us to be able to talk through any situation that may come up? For me to be there for them and vice versa?

There is so much that can happen in relationships but today I had the thought that if I express what I expect and require when I need it and not stuff those feelings down, the person can either step up, meet the requirements or exit stage left knowing exactly why we can still be cordial and friendly just not what we used to be….


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