A Little Something About a Being An Introvert….

Being an introvert, I don’t do well with conflict. Any time I feel disrespected, dismissed or demeaned I either shut down or I disconnect. 

It’s not that my words have escaped; its just that I refuse to waist valuable pieces of myself when I feel as if I’m being devalued.

When I say I need space so that I can let everything register mentally-it’s usually because I want to take the time to make sense of past events and figure out how to respectfully make my point of view impeccably clear.

I’m not mean. I’m reserved and observant. I’ve learned that everyone doesn’t deserve to have a glimpse of my inner self. 

When I love you, I love you. Where I was once quiet, meek, and observing from the sidelines-I’m now the one with the brightest smile, biggest hug and random dance moves.

Being an introvert, I’m learning to be me. And being me means being ok with me processing life differently…


2 thoughts on “A Little Something About a Being An Introvert….

  1. Camesha | Mama Motivator says:

    I told my husband I was an introvert and he laughed. lol I think it’s probably fair to call myself an ambivert. I go back and forth. I can definitely relate to the resistance to conflict. I totally remove myself from those situations.

    • mommydiaries says:

      Yes!!! Conflict, especially when it’s dramatic and/or unnecessary is draining to me. Now I’m going to have to do some research on ambiverts😉
      Thanks so much for reading and I ❤️ your positivity. It’s inspiring!

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