Our Blessing…

So our move is done!! As a matter of fact, today is our one week anniversary in our new home😉 

We are still adjusting but things are good. We’re settling in and as the days go by, our house is beginning to feel more like a home. Pictures are going up, furniture is being placed and memories are being made.



The one thing that I am being shown is that be being a new homeowner is a truly humbling process. From the beginning I had thoughts of grandeur about house warming parties and the beautiful pictures that I’d post on social media…but then I thought about my intentions. This is not about me and what we have or what we are doing, our home is about Gods glory and His grace. Without Him none of this would be possible…so it’s only right to keep things in perspective.

Yes, I still want to have a house warming party and yes I want our home to be beautiful however I want people to come in and feel welcomed and loved. So much of what I thought this journey was about has been turned upside down. It’s not about our family being “showy”, it’s about us creating an atmosphere that is full of love, peace and the wondrous glory of God. Our home is a resting place for the Holy Spirit and I want my attitude to reflect that. 

So more than anything I know our home is our blessing…and we are blessed to bless others❤️🏡




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