Monday Motivation: It’s Ok

So something that I’ve learned and am always keeping at the forefront of my mind is: I’m ok even if someone isn’t ok with me.

Quite a mouthful huh? Lol, well let me let you into my mental and heart space for a moment or two. I am at heart a recovered people pleaser. I used to want people to love me, approve of me and have these fairy tale, bff type relationships.  But I soon realized that things don’t always work out like that. People grow apart. People you once were super close with seem to become distant over time. People grow and change. Disappointments happen. Conversations that should have been had are put off and the person you once loved is now a perfect stranger. You won’t click with everyone. And lastly,  sometimes people just won’t like you!

I used to be so down about these type of situations. Mentally my thoughts would be all consuming and my heart would be breaking inside my chest. I would be constantly thinking about the infinite possibilities of what I could have said or done wrong that would make someone dislike or disconnect from me. Seriously, these type of things would keep me awake many of nights. Ultimately, my securities grew beyond what I could ever imagine…as well as my “keep people at a distance” attitude.

Then one day, after lots of tears, prayer and affirmations…I felt so strongly in my heart “I’m ok with me even if someone isn’t”. I had to tell myself this over and over-I still say it. And I believe it. It’s ok if people, relationships, and acquaintances change–because I’m ok with me…and that won’t ever change❤️❤️


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