The Joys of Doing Something New…

This weekend I am on a writing retreat!! It’s seven of us total, in a little comfy house out in the middle of nowhere.
There have been many great moments. Many moments of honesty and vulnerability shared amongst people who can on some level relate to or empathize with the impactful, sometimes heavy words, that flow from your heart.
One of the best times for me was when we discussed what it means to be a “writer”.
I didn’t realize the fear that I had when it came to calling myself a “writer”. Blogger, okay I’ll go with it. But to really say that I was a writer was something that I wouldn’t do because to me it signified a sense of accomplishment. Being a writer used to be something that I felt was unattainable. Something that I wasn’t worthy enough to achieve because I haven’t finished and published a book that has sold thousands upon thousands of copies…
But you know what I learned?
I learned that I’m a writer because that’s what I do-I write. I best express myself with words and that is my God given artistry…
More than anything I’m coming away from this retreat KNOWING that I am a writer and being confident in the fact that I will finish my book, I will finish many books, because it is my duty to share my artistry with the world…


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