The Grace in Motherhood…

Please know that there is grace in motherhood. There will be days that are less than stellar…days that everything from the time you woke up until the minute you laid your head down on the pillow went wrong…
Nothing went as planned. No one behaved. The house is a complete disaster. Lessons aren’t completed.
The carefully planned meal has now turned into takeout. And the workout that was scheduled is now nonexistent.
Things happen. We don’t live up to the expectation that we set for ourselves…and to be completely honest, that sucks. It sucks to not have your day go as you envisioned…but it’s okay.
It’s okay to go to bed knowing that tomorrow has to better than today.
It’s okay to fall short on your personal mommy-meter…as long as you plan on reaching for the goal mark again tomorrow.
There’s grace in motherhood…grace that can help us be better mothers. More compassionate, loving, nurturing, God focused and attentive mothers…God let you grace be displayed in every area of my life in extraordinary ways. Xo


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