The Voice…

I’ve come to the realization that I can’t be everything to everybody nor will I try to be. There was a time in my life that I would make decisions based solely on the opinions of others…it was a miserable, unfulfilled existence. The things that I loved and dreamed of doing, I suppressed because I made the voice of others louder than my own. I allowed the words of others to penetrate my soul and my very own words I banished…
I felt that I was insignificant and if I did just one thing wrong or out of the ordinary, the people closest to me would leave. And I wanted to hold on to them, at all costs. Oddly enough, given time, they left anyway. But I kept on living…their absence didn’t take my breath away…
It didn’t then and it won’t today. The one thing that has changed is my own opinion about me. I realize, deep within me, that I am significant to God and He created me to do great things. Things that may seem small to some and impractical to others. However, they are important to me.
Once upon a time I would have buried my head in the sand or went back to what was familiar because my choice wasn’t agreeable with those around me. But this time, from this moment forward, I’m going with the voice that’s on the inside of me…God’s voice within me.


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