I Took A Step…

Early this morning I did something that was scary…I made a FB page for my blog. To most this might seem small but to me, this was a big achievement.
“Thee Mommy Diaries” is something that I love. I started this blog over five years ago when I was pregnant w/our twins. In the beginning I journaled. While I sat in so many doctor’s appointments, I wrote. I wrote about my day, what/how I was feeling. I wrote from my heart.  Eventually, I started this blog to give a voice to the words that I had muted for so long.
Motherhood has been a blessing to me, something that I didn’t expect to do four times over but something that I couldn’t see myself not doing.
“Thee Mommy Diaries” started something great in me, something that I hid for a long time: my love for other mothers and the longing I have to encourage them. I absolutely love to see a woman loving God, herself, her family and her calling w/o limitations. And it gives me joy just to see and encourage other mothers’ to do the same.
I know what it’s like to doubt yourself and feel as if you are in no position to be a blessing to anyone, let alone a child. I know the guilt that comes w/choosing to have abortions and the grace that flows when you are able to carry your children fullterm when doctors said that it would be impossibility…
So I hope that you can at least get a glimpse of my heart when you read this blog. I pray that “Thee Mommy Diaries” inspires and encourages mommies to love God, themselves and their families from neverending reserve….
So, please check out my FB page “Thee Mommy Diaries” and give it a “Like”, thanks Friends!!!


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