The Biggest Word of All…

Love. Love is a small word that has soo much meaning, depth and levels.
Being a Christian, this is a word I’ve heard so much but just recently realized that I didn’t understand.
Love is big. It’s big enough to look past differences just to show itself to someone in a genuine, nonverbal way.
Love looks beyond circumstances, choices, family issues, weaknesses, and even core beliefs.  Love makes itself available whenever it’s needed without requiring anything in return; not even a thank you….because that’s just what love does. It extends itself to people who are in need of it, even if the need is as small as a smile or as great as forgiveness.
Love doesn’t have an agenda. Sometimes it just wants to be near you, to tell you that you’re significant…that you’re worth it being there.
I have made so many mistakes with love. I’ve let differences, of opinions and faith (just to name a few), keep me from giving it out when it was really needed. I let differences keep love from being in the very place it was needed the most…and all I had to do was go and love would have met me at our destination.
Don’t let anything stop you from giving Love.
If you just go where Love is needed…He will definitely meet you there.♥♥♥


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