Happy Monday!

Happy Monday All!!! I hope that today is the start of a great week for you. I wish that I had a ton of inspirational things to say to you…but I only have these: You are significant and you are made to succeed!
You are significant to God! He created you without hesitation or mistake. Just know, that everything that you are and everything that is in your heart and mind are important to God.
You are made to succeed! Whatever it is that you are passionate about, the thing that makes you feel like your heart is growing when you’re doing it, you can be successful at it! Just take the steps to make it happen…daily.

Affirmations: I am significant! Every detail about my life is important to God, He loves me just that much. And He is placing people in my life that I am significant to.

I am a success in public and more importantly in private. I do the things that are required of me to be successful daily.

Have a great week!!!!


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