Lesson Learned…

I learned a valuable lesson today: It’s not always best to change your plans just bc what’s being offered is more convenient.  Stick to what you’ve already prepared for.

This morning I had planned on leaving the house at 7:20AM so that I could get gas on my way to drop our kids off at school.
I got up earlier and was all ready to warm my car up and 7AM, then my niece told me that my sister was coming to take her to work and said that she would drop Maddie off too.
Great! I wouldn’t have to get on the highway and with my extra time I could go ahead and clean my bedroom…so I thought.
At about 7:45AM my sister wasnt there and that meant I had to rush outside, start the car, clean it off, load the kids in, get gas and drop Maddie off (across town) all before 8:15am.
Needless to say I was in full rush mode, I didnt fill my car up completely and I barely got my daughter to school before the tardy bell!
Lesson learned! I should have stuck with my original plan and not deviated. But I tried to do what was easier and it ended up costing me more time in the end.  Easier isn’t always better…next time I’ll definitely stick to my plan!


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