Writing Your Own Love Story…

I absolutely love to see great marriages! When I see a couple that are truly in love, have a strong foundation built on Christ, are affectionate and truly enjoy spending time together, this makes my heart happy! Seriously I get giddy, I start smiling extra hard and I can’t help but think of my hubby.

One of the reasons I love to see this is because I used to soooo long for this. When I first got married I had a picture of what I wanted but my relationship was the total opposite.

For awhile I didn’t see how my attitude and actions came into play, I just focused on what my husband did.  Then one day, the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart and told me that I had the ability to write my own love story; not be a copy of someone else’s.

One of the first things I had to do was stop comparing my marriage to others.  Yes, the foundation of Christ should be the same as other believers but the dynamics and how things work are up to the couple.

I had to know my position and familiarise myself with the expectations of my position.  My husband is the head of our home-he’s the CEO. 
Me, I’m the house manager, the COO. 
My job is to set the atmosphere in our home and make sure that things inside our home run smoothly.  And that works for us.

I also had to make sure that I put time into my personal appearance.  I have always been a pretty well put together,  classy (my hubby’s words not mine) person. But for various reasons I stopped putting time into myself. I had to come to terms w/my weight gain after four kids and dress accordingly. Yes it was hard for me to accept the fact that when I first got married I was a size 10. And now almost 9 years later, I am a 14-16.
Its not ok but I have started eating healthier, working out and purchasing super cute clothes from Target and Old Navy’s plus size section.
My husband has encouraged me to lose the weight but he’s also told me that  ok matter what size I am,  I can be attractive and sexy…it’s up to me and how I chose to carry myself.

Lastly, communication is a must! Open, honest and respectful communication is a must.  I’m naturally an introvert. And I married the exact opposite. I don’t like to waste words and I take the time to weigh out what I’m feeling and what I want/have to say.  I’m learning to speak more. To be open. To say what I’m feeling w/o reservations in a respectful way. I’m learning not to shut down. To agree to disagree w/ a positive attitude.

Write your own live story! Take the time to be who you are created to be. Cultivate your best qualities. Learn about your husband’s likes and dislikes. Flourish in your position as a wife…so how’s the first chapter of your love story going to begin?!?!


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