Self…I fell prey to it

Over the past few weeks, I was feeling a little blah…as if I was operating everyday on autopilot.  I was waking up every morning, doing everything that needed so be done so that our household functioned and my husband and children were taken care of but I felt as if I was doing it w/purpose and joy.
A couple of days ago I sat down and really thought about what I had been doing differently over the past few weeks that was affecting me in such a negative way.  I had been reading, journaling and my attempts at prayer were kinda empty.
My thoughts. They were negative. They were so focused on me and what I thought I should have and be doing but wasn’t. In comparison to what I could be doing to help others think and live their lives in a more God-centered, productive and positive way.
See the difference????
I was so focused on me and what I could be doing to bring ME glory rather than God being glorified by the fruit  of people seeing themselves through the eyes of God and not their circumstances or their past. And therefore my thoughts lined up with what I wanted…everything  to be about me

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4 thoughts on “Self…I fell prey to it

  1. Camii Soul says:

    Hmmmm good point. When we fell out of it and feel stuck we need to refocus and place our eyes on our Heavenly Father. Our God, protector, provider, comforter,shelter and I could go on and on 🙂

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