I’m Okay…

I recently came to a new conclusion…I’m okay w/me and I’m okay w/people not being okay w/me!
Honestly it has taken me a long time to get to this place…actually almost 33 years. I used to be overly concerned with what people thought and said about me. The thought of someone disliking, not agreeing w/, or speaking against me or my family has kept me up many of nights.  I always wanted others to think well of me or “see my heart” in even the worst situations.
I would get anxious just thinking about people that I no longer spoke with speaking with each other…possibly about me But a few days ago something changed.

My attitude.

My outlook.

I’m okay w/me as a person. Im thankful to God that I can see His hand on my life and I’m even more thrilled that I love me!

Every quirk. Every gift. Every thing different that sets me apart from everyone else…I’m okay. As a matter of fact I’m appreciative that I am who I am. I no longer compare myself to others or try to be someone that I’m not. 

Yes it’s a daily fight to not dwell on  past relationships, where they went wrong and even what others might have said/saying about me…but its okay. It’s okay because of God’s grace. Its okay because I am happy with my life and in constant awe at how God is working in m uhh family. Its okay because I’m an original, I’m wonderful in the sight of God. Its okay because life goes on, people change and grow, and relationship evolve and unfortunatley they even end…through it all, its okay because I’m okay w/me…


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