Who Do You Identify With????

It is an amazingly beautiful thing to witness the love of God touch someone’s life and set them free from a lifetime of torment, lies and guilt that has caused them to walk in only a minute fraction of who they were created to be…
To see someone realize that they were created for greatness and that Jesus already payed the price for them to walk in it is a game changer.
Soooo many more women need to know that there is freedom in knowing Who you are! Don’t fall for the lies that tell you that your worth is reflected in what you wear, your hair and what type of car you drive.  This identity isn’t about what you have or your physical attributes. It is about knowing that you are created in the very image of God and that your life was worth JESUS dying for….He gave His life so that you could have a relationship with the Father.
Don’t take the gift of salvation for granted…your very life depends on WHO and What you identify with…


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