Get UnStuck…be free

The other day I was praying about somethings and I heard the Holy Spirit speak to my heart and tell me to “Get UnStuck. Be free”
I really didn’t know what this meant b/c I thought I was ok w/everything and everybody in my life.
But I wasn’t. I was to get UnStuck by being free. Not by acting like everything was fine, like I was UnStuck,  just because I didn’t want people to think/know that  I was still affected by old situations.
I was to get UnStuck,  be free, by extending the grace of God to others and truly forgiving.  I have to be able to love people, even if it’s from a distance, enough to not harp/dwell on their faults when I got a list of my own to get right. 
Being UnStuck,  free, means to truly have my ear turned to God to intercede and bless others when He tells me too.
To be UnStuck means to remember the good about a person when the bad is right in front of your face.
To be UnStuck means to love a person without expecting anything from them in return.
To be UnStuck is to accept the fact that relationships change and that a person you were once bff’s with may now be like a stranger.
To be UnStuck means to live your life in a constant state of being better. So that the next time God blesses you with a friendship,  you purpose within yourself to always be attentive, loving, trustworthy and honest.
Get UnStuck…the freedom thst comes from it is so worth your while!!!


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