Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

Being a Mother has to be one of the hardest, yet most fulfilling, tasks that I have ever been given.
I never knew that so many emotions came w/birthing and parenting. Expectation, excitement, moments of fear, joy and even unsurity.

Looking back ten years, the life that I’m living, would have been completely foreign to me.  I never thought that I would have a child, let alone four.  Being a Mother was a role that I thought I would ultimately do a disservice too. I had so many regrets that I thought that I had absolutely nothing positive or worthwhile to give to a child.


However since getting and daily building my relationship w/God, my perspective has changed! Being a Mother is something that I love. Motherhood is something that I strive to be better at everyday. Yes there are times when I falter and have to make a plan to do better the next day. And then there are the times that I know w/o a shadow of a doubt that I was anointed to be Kemp’s wife and the mother of his children…

So regardless of where you are on your journey in motherhood, Happy Mother’s Day!!!
You have been given one of the greatest gifts ever…Enjoy it. Make it beautiful. Make a godly impact daily. Love w/o limits…
Again, Happy Mother’s Day!!!


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