National Day of Prayer…

On today, the National Day of Prayer, one thing that was on my heart to pray for is relationships.
In the past I have never been that good w/maintaining relationships. Whether it was just being busy w/life, adjusting to new roles, disagreements or just growing in different directions, keeping up w/people and maintaining healthy relationships throughout all of life’s moments has been a hard thing for me to do.
Just a couple of days ago my husband asked me about a particular person that I haven’t talked to in awhile. Nothing bad happened…I just didn’t take the time to keep in touch…be a good friend.
So I prayed. I asked God to help me be a better friend. I asked Him to help me build and maintain lifelong godly friendships.
So I called my friend that I had lost touch with. I didn’t get her. I left a message.  I waited. Then I prayed and asked God to forgive me for not being the friend that I should have been. The next day I sent a text. She responded. We set up a date to talk.
I am so elated that I have a second change to establish a great friendship! This time I will do better. I will open myself up more. I will be the friend that I need in my life…

Are you a relational person? If so, what advice can you give me in building relationships?
If not, what can you do to be a better friend?  Leave a comment!!!


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