Hold on to Hope…

Late last week I found out that a cousin of mine had committed suicide.  Without going into detail, I can say that he was without hope.  He no longer had the hope to believe that the circumstances in his life would get better…that everything that was wrong at that moment wouldn’t be wrong forever.

To hear that this happened was shocking and also heart wrenching to me.  I cant even imagine the tormenting thoughts that the enemy must have bombarded his mind with in the last few days, hours, minutes of his life…

So today I would like to encourage someone, anyone to not give up on hope.  Although certain situations in your life may be bleak, they won’t always be that way.  Give God the time to work things out for your good.  Give yourself the time to be able to come through this hard time.  I guarantee that when you come through, you will be able to look back and say that it wasn’t as bad as you thought it was at that time.

Talk to someone.  Talk to God.  Write and recite positive affirmations.  Hold on to hope…

But whatever you do, don’t give up.  You have so much more of your life to live…


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