The Part That I Forgot…

I was watching something on t.v. today and they were talking about unforgiveness. It was said that unforgiveness is a hinderance to a person’s prayer life, their spiritual and personal growth, and also to them recieving the things that God has for them.
This got me to thinking about me and forgiveness. I have proclaimed so many times that I have forgiven others for certain things that have happened in my life. I have even gotten to the point that I can talk to them and be genuinely interested in what is going on with them.
But there is still that one thing…putting down the thoughts about what I think that should have happened. This has been my hinderance!!! What I realized is that no matter what I think about a situation and how it should be handled, it’s not about me. If I get the unction, from the Holy Spirit, to do something for someone, it is not about how they response~it’s about obedience for me. So it shouldn’t matter how people respond, or not, it’s about God and me pleasing and loving Him!
I had to really pray and ask God for forgiveness first and foremost for the things that I had tucked away in my heart. Then I prayed and asked Him to help me to truly forgive and to erase the constant “what should have happened” movie from my memory. It is truly my hearts desire to really, really love God w/all that I am and I cant do that holding on to the past. And to love Him, I have to be able to love people w/o feeling like they owe me something. Yes, this was a hard pill to swollow but it was soooo necessary.
Forgiveness is not just something that can be said. My actions, reactions and thoughts~my heart has to go along w/the words and prayers…that’s the part that I forgot.
Do you forgive AND forget???


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