Pregnancy Update: 38 weeks and counting!

Today is the day!!  I am officially 38 weeks preggo and that means that the finish line is just 2 weeks away!!!!  

This was a busy week for me as far as doctor appointments go…we had an ultrasound on Wednesday and found out that Baby Boyd is 8 lbs!!!  The 3D pictures are so cute~his cheeks are chunky and so is his belly!  Then on Thursday we found out that he is still up high and I am still at 1 centimeter dialated.  So the name of the game is still patience for me!

Throughout all of this I am just thankful.  Thankful for my family and friends.  Thankful that God has chosen me to be a mother.  Thankful for His Word and a true, deepening hope that everything is okay and that in the end it will all be well.

So, could all of my Mama’s out there do me a favor???? Please keep my family and I in your prayers that all that is going on will bring God glory.  Thanks!!!!  



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