What If???

What if December 25th never existed?
What if God’s love for us didn’t cause Him to give His most precious gift~His Son, part of Himself?

What if our relationship w/the Father wasn’t important enough for Jesus to come and to die…just for us?

What if Mary didn’t believe what most would have called an impossibility?
What if she would have never said “Yes” and given herself for the Greatest Master Plan ever~the birth of our Savior?

What if Joseph wouldn’t have risked everything that he had and


was to be a Mary’s covering?

What if he wouldn’t have obeyed and made sure that Mary our Destiny could live and thrive in her womb?

What if?

What if we took the time to thank god for His Most Precious Gift…His Redemption…His Grace…His Son?

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!


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