Today is The Day!!!

Today is the day~
The day that I do the one thing that I haven’t done in almost 4 years…
*I’m going to take my mother’s clothes to a womens shelter*
My mother, Sylvia, died almost 4 years ago on January 30 and tomorrow would have been her 61st birthday.
So instead of me continuing to ride around w/her wardrobe in the back of my SUV…I’m going to give them to women who are deserving, women who are in transition~for the better.
In a way, I kept her clothes so long b/c I didn’t want to let go…but now I’m at peace.
I’m trusting God w/my heart and all that I am…
So, its time to be a blessing!
I pray that as I pass along my Mother’s clothing, I also pass along Quiet Strength, Loyalty, Healing, Resilience, Peace, Generosity, & Confidence~All the qualities that my Mother possessed and received…


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