Are You Gonna Choose Growth???

Through every difficult situation in life, a person can experience growth…How do I know you ask? I am a living witness!
The past few months have been quite challenging for the Boyd Family.  Throughout all of the changes, the one thing that has been apparent to me has been growth!
Growth spiritually, personally and mentally.
Is the process easy? No. Is it comfortable? Heck No!!
And I’m glad.
I’m glad that I’m able to be in a difficult situation without being comfortable. Being uncomfortable causes me to change my position, make adjustments and do something(s) different.
Being out of my comfort zone has given me a chance to examine myself, my thinking and my intentions. 
It has also broadened my prayer life and my expectations. Being in the midst of transition has caused me to be more frequent,honest and outright w/God about my feelings and my thoughts. 
My expectations have become BIG!!! I’ve always been able to see so many great things on the horizon for others.  But when it came to myself, my scale was too small…I would even venture to say non-existent and mediocre.
But God!!!! God has opened up my eyes to His greatness both IN and FOR me:o)
So what do I suggest for those who may be going through a difficult time in their life?
Expect More! Expect more from God and yourself. Expect to overcome your current difficulties w/a testimony about how God blessed you in the midst of!
Do More! Do more seeking, praying and meditating on the Word of God.
Change! Change what your thinking about. Replace every negative thought with a positive affirmation from the Word of God. Change what your speaking. Speak life into every situation, speak the Word.
Change Your Outlook! Instead of focusing on the problem, focus on the solution and the possibilities of greatness! Change your routine if what you’re currently doing isn’t bringing about results.
Be Open! Be open to God, change and new opportunites.  Don’t let another blessing pass you by
b/c you weren’t open to get out of what you’re used too.
Do Something Different! Do something outside out the norm for you, not crazy or unwise…just different:o)

Life may throw us a curve ball no doubt…but nothing is impossible for God! Give your situation to God and ask Him to bring about a godly change in you through your circumstances…
We have a choice when we face hard times…to grow in God and His characteristics or shrink in fear, doubt and unbelief. Which do you choose???


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