My hubby and I were talking the other day and he said “Babe, I just want us to be great”……this comment has been in my thoughts every since.
Great……, that’s a big word! Honestly. My first thought was man, is that attainable for me? I knew it was for my hubby but when it came to me I had to think on it……
So, I’ve been thinking. And I came up with an answer. “Yes”.  Greatness is attainable for me.
I’ve been meditating on a particular scripture 1 John 4:4 “because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world”.  God is in me and He is the greatest. Therefore greatness resides in me and if I put God, the greatest, first in all things, then I know that His greatness will show forth in all that I do…….
So, are you ready for greatness and all that He will bring????……..


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