21 Days Until………

I was reading something that said that it takes 21 days to form and/or break a habit, whether it be good or bad. So that got me thinking, what are the three main things that I need to change in order for my day to be ran more efficiently and effectively on a daily basis?
I know that this seems like an easy challenge and 21 days is only 3 weeks but……….changing takes work. Making better habits and breaking bad habits is going to take diligence. It looks easy on paper but to actually do when I don’t feel like doing or when another option appears easier is a different story.
So, I challenge you to take the challenge w/me!!! Let’s do something that will change our lives for the better, nothing can be too big or too small……………
In 21 days, I’ll be better at least 3 things what about you????


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