>Are you supportive?!!!

>Over the past few weeks I’ve been hearing a lot about being supportive. And it has really blessed me. More than anything I see how support and loyalty are siblings (so to speak). When I am supportive(of my husband, kids, family, ministry etc) I have to believe whole hearted in not only the vision but the person that the vision is being carried through. There has to be a dedicated love that will cause you to stand in full agreement w/the vision that God has chosen to put in the earth through a specific person.
By no means I am I saying that being supportive is always easy, but it is necessary in our homes and churches. Support can come in the form of prayer, love, money, kind words, follow through, help, using your gifts and
talents to be a blessing to someone else, being truthful even when it hurts, attentiveness, having positive attitude
going the extra mile when being mediocre is easier, and continuing to see the person
by Gods standard when its more convenient to see their mistakes.
Being supportive to a God given vision is imperative nowadays, but its up to us a Young people to be loyal enough to see Gods work come to pass. Will you stay on the course? I guarantee that the best is yet to come………


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