>Knowlege Is Power But………………

>This morning while I was getting myself and the kids ready for church, I was praying. My prayer went a little like this “Lord, open my heart so that I can receive and DO the word that you are going to bring forth today at church”.
Not too long after I prayed this, a thought came up in my heart…..”Knowledge is powerless unless it is put to use”. Wow………..this simple statement makes all the sense in the world!!!
If I know something or how to do something but refuse to do it, what good is just simple knowing? For example, if I hear something really good at service that will make a huge difference in my life but refuse to do it, what good is me just knowing?
Yeah, this revelation really blessed me! It was a real eye opener that I put into action ASAP!!! (I knew that I needed to make a list of what I need to do throughout the week but I still tried to keep a “mental to-do list-and I must say it never worked because I always forgot something and I knew that I needed to keep my banking transaction book updated and in my wallet-what good is not having an accurate up-date on how much money is in the bank?!!!)
So, this week I am going to put into Practice those things that I KNOW will make me better-To Do Better Is To Be Better!!
Miracles and Blessings………..


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