>The Perfect Appearance…………

>Ok, I just came from seeing the Tyler Perry movie “Why Did I get Married Too”. The movie was just ok, but it did get me to thinking about a few things and opened my eyes to the importance of dealing with emotions and situations that may come up in my life in a productive and God-centered way. So, here are my thoughts…….
“Perfection” is the hardest type of appearance to keep up! Whether it be your physical appearance, the “happy” face, or even just trying to look as if everything in your world/relationships/life is well put together, that “all your ducks are in a row”, putting on the face in front of the world that says “I’m good, I can handle everything” takes some work and eventually a toll….
The very “appearance of perfection” can cost a person their health, emotional wellness, or even having the oppportunity to be a part of a loving, healthy relationship. By no means I am saying that we are to wollow in pity and the circumstances of life. But I am saying that it is important to allow yourself to process your feelings and then release them, so that the feelings dont overtake your daily life and thoughts. Because if the feelings are bottled up inside they are bound to come out some type of way; good or bad!
So, whats the point of all this? The point is that life comes with a lot of differnet circumstances and situations that arent always so good. Those not-so-good situations can teach us valuable lessons that can build our character and give us a chapter in our book of life that we, someday, might have to give to someone else!!! So, whatever it is that you have to go through, deal with it!! In the end the very experience that made you feel the worst could be your greatest conversation that could bring you into a personal, intimate relationship with God….
Miracles and Blessings


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