>Are you INSPIRED?!

>Today I was inspired!!! My inspiration came in the form of words. The words that I heard today encouraged me and told me that whatever I aspired to do, I can do. But the one thing that I learned and that caught my attention was that before I can be inspired, I have to aspire to do something.
So of course I had to find out exactly what aspire means. To aspire is to “have a particular ambition, to seek to attain a goal, and to soar to a great height”.
Hmmmmmm……….what is it that I aspire to do? Well first of all, I aspire to be a Christ-like person at all times, in every area of my life. I aspire to be a loving, effective, and productive wife and mother. I aspire to be effective in the ministry at One Family Under Guard World Outreach and Worship Center (shout out to Pastor Greer and the rest of the family!!!! lol). I aspire to let God use the creative gifts that He has given me in whatever form that He chooses!
To make a long story short, I was inspired to put time and effort into my aspirations.
So…..what are you inspired to aspire?
Miracles and Blessings………


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