Just Be There…

The last couple of weeks have taught me that as people we go through so much…sometimes it’s hard to know how to help someone that’s in the midst of life th roughing it’s infamous curveball. It can be easier just to either avoid them or fumble over your words and end up saying something completely wrong.

I so wish that I was one of those people who always knew the right thing to say. Even though I love to write and express myself in written form, I’m a introvert. I’m a thinker. And I’m an observer. So rather than stutter and be in complete silence…I’m learning that sometimes it’s just best to be there. To be completely present. Ready to serve. Share a cup of coffee. Give a warm hug. Watch a movie together. Laugh together over great memories and old times. Take care of the small things that can get lost in the middle of hard situations. Cry  together. 

I don’t know if you’re going through something or someone close to you is…I just pray that you have someone to just be there and that you’re able to do the same…

Monday Motivation…Just Start

“Just Start”…a simple phrase that means so much. Starting something new can be hard, scary and even intimidating. What if it’s not good? What if no one likes/understands it? What if I mess up? What if it’s not like theirs?

(Via SHELAUGHS_ Instagram page)

Any of this sound familiar? For me it definitely does…all of these thoughts were going through my mind as I decided to start something new today…Yes I’m feeling all of the above. Yes I’m still going start. 

So as I encourage myself, I strive to encourage you too: Just Start. Whatever it is that’s burning in your heart and lingering in your daydreams. That thing you’ve journaled about and written on your vision board…

Just Start. Start now. Start Today. 

Big Ups to My Fellow Throw Back Wives…💁🏾💁🏾

I was reading an article recently about the 1950s housewife…and to my surprise we have a lot in common!!! 

(Link to article: http://www.littlethings.com/1950s-good-housewife-guide-v6/?utm_source=bam&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=shocking )

For instance, I get dressed first thing in the morning. For the day. Eye liner, mascara, hair–I’m a minimalist💁🏾. It’s just easier for me to be dressed before I get my kids up and ready. I like to be dressed and cute when I’m at the bus stop or the drop off line. And I’m more productive when I’m up and ready.

I do all the housework, cooking, laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning. When we decided to stay at home, we sat down and talked about our individual responsibilities, mine were defined as being “The Home Manager”. I’ve accepted, perfected it and it’s what works for our family.

I do like the fact that my husband comes home to a clean house and a hot meal. So by the time he’s walking through the door candles are lit, our home is picked up, the food is cooking and more than likely our home smells like apple cinnamon. It’s my goal to have a warm, welcoming home😊

Once my children love on their daddy as soon as he walks through the door I do ask them to give him a few uninterrupted minutes so that he can change clothes and unwind.

I’m giving my Love Biscuit hugs and kisses as soon he’s in my sight😘 I appreciate him and most days I miss him because of long work hours.

As much of a shock as it is for me to be a stay at home wife and mom, I love it and I see the value in it. My family and home are well taken care of and that’s my goal…so with that being said ‘big ups’to my fellow Throw Back wives who are making it look good and embracing this season of life!!!

What I Wore…

So being a wife and mother of four leaves very little time in the morning for glamour…but I do believe that the better I look, the better I feel. 

So with fall weather upon us (my most favorite time of year), scarves and boots are a staple in my wardrobe. As far as makeup goes-I’m simple: eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss. 

And I’m an inexpensive shopper for the most part. All three of my looks below have something from either Target or Sams Club…and they were all on sale!!! 

So here’s to us Momma’s looking and feeling good as we conquer our day!!!!


Taking the Time to Pursue…

So this just happened…

My husband called me and asked me what I was doing??

I responded by telling him exactly what I was doing…folding clothes, just finished putting clothes in the washer and mopping the floor.

He responded by saying “Oh…the last couple of days I’ve called and you’ve been caught up in housework. I Want to hear that you’re working on your blog or writing your book. That’s what I want to hear…”

Can I be honest??? My response was less than loving. I went on a mini rant about how I was always doing housework bc I wanted the house to look nice for Him and His children…if I didn’t do it who would??😡😡😡

He ended our conversation by stating that of course he appreciates all that I do to maintain our home but more importantly he doesn’t want me to put my gifts on the back burner forever.

After stewing over the ever flowing tons of laundry, I realized that he was right. I don’t take enough time to do what I love to do. It’s easy for me to get caught up being a home manager, the most supportive wife, number one room mom, the best volunteer ever and the go to person instead of focusing on pouring out into my blog or into the pages of a soon to be finished and published book☺️☺️☺️🖊📝

So here’s to us Mommas’ (and Daddy’s too😉) taking the time to pursue what we love on a regular basis…our family’s will be so much richer because of it❤️❤️❤️

My Daily Five🖊📝

Can you believe that we are nearing the end of another year????

Time has went by so quick! I’ve accomplished a few things but I still have more on my to-do list. So for me to be more effective m, I’ve started this month of with “my daily five”. Five things that I do daily. 

And they are:


Just what it says…I start my day out in prayer and with my list of affirmations that I say out loud.


Today I took a mile walk around our neighborhood. Whatever the day, I’ll plan a workout activity the night before.


15-20 minutes daily I take the time to read. Right now I’m reading a book about blogging😉

•Listen to Motivational Message

I listen to podcasts as I walk (checkout Terri Savelle Foy) and I keep a CD on in my car. Anything encouraging and that can help me become better.


I love words and sometimes due to my schedule and all that our family has going on, I don’t take the time to journal. Journaling clears my head and just taking the time daily to put pen to paper will help me accomplish my goal of finishing my first book.

Our habits lead to our success and I’m determined to end this year with a bang!!! 

What are your daily five?????

My Letter to the Young Lady in South Carolina…

Dear Unnamed Young Lady in South Carolina,

Before I say anything, I want you to know that you have been in my thoughts and prayers since I read about your story. 

My heart breaks knowing that you’ve recently lost your mother and grandmother and now you’re in foster care. Being in a new place, new school with unfamilar people, with such life changing events happening have to be taking a toll on you emotionally and mentally. 

I am so sorry for the incident that happened to you at school. I’m sorry that you had to endure such physical pain, embarrassment and demeaning treatment.

I know that there were events that led up to this incident but in no way did your behavior warrant such abuse.

I wish someone would have taken a moment to talk to you. To pray with you and for you. To hug you…to show empathy to someone whose life has drastically changed.

I wish someone would have looked past outward appearances and tried to forge a relationship with someone who probably feels as if she has no one. I wish someone would have respected you even if you didn’t know how to return the favor at that very moment.

Above all, I hope that this incident doesn’t harden your heart. I know that this will probably be etched into your memory forever but I hope that this tragedy doesn’t color your life negatively forever. 

I’ve always heard and believed that “our misery is our ministry”. I pray that the things that have happened to you in your first 17 years of life help you to relate to and make a positive impact in the lives of others. 

I pray that this horrible act doesn’t cause you to view everyone through the eyes of hurt and hate….and that you grow into a successful, loving, hope and faith filled, vision driven Woman. 

All of God’s Best,  

Stacy Boyd 

Seasons Change🍁🍂🌾

So for the past two months I’ve been working at my children’s school as one of the “Lunch Ladies”…glamorous I know😉

But as of early this week, the lady that I was filling in for came back. And I have to admit, I was a little sad. Sad bc for the first time in a few years I was doing something outside of our home, something that wasn’t directly tied to our family. And it felt good. It felt good get out of the house with a specific purpose and add to our household income doing it.

This got me to thinking about seasons…right now I’m in the “home” season. Our kids are still fairly young, our youngest is 2. And honestly, most things are about my family, their needs and what has to be done so that everything is running efficiently.

But soon enough, this season will change. Out youngest will be in school and our oldest will be a 7th grader in just 3 short years. And our home will be empty during the day. Which means I’ll be free to pursue other things. Will I work part time? Go back to school? Start a non-profit? Work from home????

The options are endless. But I do know that I want to be prepared when my next season comes. I’ve seen and heard about moms who are struggling bc their season has changed and they haven’t changed with it. 

So right now is preparation time. And I plan to be prepared for my next season…


You Can Have It All…

I read a blog today that totally resenated with me. It was talking about having it all as a mom. 

Since my oldest was a little over a year old, I’ve been a stay at home mom. In the beginning it was a big adjustment. I went from working fulltime to being at home totally consumed with a toddler, endless housework and laundry, seemingly unobtainable expectations from my husband and absolutely no clue as to how to make it all work without losing myself.

And for awhile, I did lose myself. All that I knew and did was completely focused on my husband and children. When someone asked me what I liked to do, my mind went blank. If it didn’t revolve around cleaning, cooking, parenting and being a supportive spouse I couldn’t answer. So much of who I was was about someone else. 

Naturally so, but I did miss being able to journal, read a book, try different types of food and treat myself to something pretty every once in awhile. I missed going to stage plays and seeing live bands and spending hours at the book store reading and drinking coffee. 

I missed me….

Being a wife, mother and home manager doesn’t mean that I can’t be creative, adventurous and goal oriented. More than anything I’m learning that being me and doing things that spark something positive in me only help me be a better wife and mother. When I take the time to fill up, I can give from a place of abundance and not depletion. 

So I’ve been working part time, volunteering with teen and young moms, attending a weekly bible study and I’m in the beginning stages of collaboration to launch a program fort he moms who’ve aged out of programming.

Is it easy? No. Do I ever feel guilty for being away from my youngest? Yes. Am I loving it all? Definitely.

There’s a time and a season for everything, don’t stop living and being the You that God created you to be just because your responsibilities may change. Yes you may have to adjust but don’t stop seeing life through your God given vision….

Monday Motivation: Better

Whatever is it you have to do today, be better. Better than you were yesterday. Not better than someone else, better than what you used to be.

Smile more. Hug your children more. Plan family time. Create a schedule. Whatever it is…just do it. Not just today or this second, every second of everyday….be better👊🏾👊🏾