You Can Have It All…

I read a blog today that totally resenated with me. It was talking about having it all as a mom. 

Since my oldest was a little over a year old, I’ve been a stay at home mom. In the beginning it was a big adjustment. I went from working fulltime to being at home totally consumed with a toddler, endless housework and laundry, seemingly unobtainable expectations from my husband and absolutely no clue as to how to make it all work without losing myself.

And for awhile, I did lose myself. All that I knew and did was completely focused on my husband and children. When someone asked me what I liked to do, my mind went blank. If it didn’t revolve around cleaning, cooking, parenting and being a supportive spouse I couldn’t answer. So much of who I was was about someone else. 

Naturally so, but I did miss being able to journal, read a book, try different types of food and treat myself to something pretty every once in awhile. I missed going to stage plays and seeing live bands and spending hours at the book store reading and drinking coffee. 

I missed me….

Being a wife, mother and home manager doesn’t mean that I can’t be creative, adventurous and goal oriented. More than anything I’m learning that being me and doing things that spark something positive in me only help me be a better wife and mother. When I take the time to fill up, I can give from a place of abundance and not depletion. 

So I’ve been working part time, volunteering with teen and young moms, attending a weekly bible study and I’m in the beginning stages of collaboration to launch a program fort he moms who’ve aged out of programming.

Is it easy? No. Do I ever feel guilty for being away from my youngest? Yes. Am I loving it all? Definitely.

There’s a time and a season for everything, don’t stop living and being the You that God created you to be just because your responsibilities may change. Yes you may have to adjust but don’t stop seeing life through your God given vision….


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