Spring Break, Marriage and Everything In Between…

This week is Spring Break, so we decided to continue our family tradition of going to Tennessee to visit my husband’s grandmother and family. 

Instead driving all the way through, the time we stopped and met some friends at the Creation Museum in Kentucky. It was amazing and our children really enjoyed it!!!  Then after the weekend, we trucked it to Birmingham and are spending the week there. Our children are loving on their garndparents and we get to take unlimited naps and trips to Sonic for happy hour drinks😎🙌🏾

More than anything I’m thankful. I so appreciate my family and the example that we get to show our children about marriage. I can whole heartedly say that I enjoy being married; I truly like and love my hubby. Spending time with him and just laughing is good for my soul. Even being physically attracted to each other 😍 is a blessing…I guess all of this came into play just seeing family either divorced, single or even somewhat hardened from past relationships. Just being in a good place in our marriage and growing is at the top of my “grateful list”.

So as we enjoy spring break and love on each other,  I am constantly reminded of how good God is to us and how my life is a complete testament to God’s grace. It’s good to be content and growing all that once…hoping Spring Break brings you lots of love, times of reflection and a deeper appreciation of all that you have! 



3 thoughts on “Spring Break, Marriage and Everything In Between…

  1. A. Blake says:

    That is wonderful, we have been married 26 years and our marriage is also strong. My mini men and I also had a great Spring Break but we stayed close to home.

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